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HOPE (Haier Open Partnership Ecosystem) provides professional technology scouting and technology transfer services. By getting access to these brilliant minds outside of your company, you will be able to solve technical problems, break development bottlenecks and find technologies faster and more efficiently. In addition, you can promote and commercialize your technology here. The mission of HOPE is to maximize the outcomes for all parties.

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Seeking for hygroscopic material for sustainable use in refrigerator

Seeking for hygroscopic material for sustainable use in refrigerator

1. The material should be able to absorb themoisture in the air when the temperature range of the working environment is at0-30°C. The absorption capacity shall be as large aspossible. Besides, the material is easy to get dehydrated and reused.2. The mate

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A portable smart-security system to track activities

A portable smart-security system to track activities

Novi Security is a portable smart-security system to seamlessly track activities across the home.Backup Battery - The first is a backup battery in the base station that will keep Novi up even when your power goes down. The backup battery will keep your ba

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When You're Not Cleaning, This Self-Standing Vac Is Also an Air Purifier

What do you do with your vacuum in-between visits from your parents? Does it just sit in a utility closet until you need to do a mad-dash cleaning the day before company arrives? That seems like a waste, and Mitsubishi apparently agrees because the compan

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Downsizing Goes Modular With GE’s Micro Living Concept

For the folks at FirstBuild, GE Appliance’s microfactory, tomorrow's kitchen isn't about gimmicky Jetsons futurism. Instead, it's about living well—and living practically—in smaller spaces.GE sees an opening to create a suite of appliances sold in modular

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The Internet of Anything: The Startup Bringing the Smart Home to Apartment Renters

Smart homes are here.You can use motion sensors to trigger smart light switches. You can program smart thermostats to warm only the rooms that people are actually using. You can even control smart power outlets with your mobile phone, setting appliances t

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