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Haier Tianzun conditioner - Sincere cooperation and benefit-sharing

Recently, Haier launches the new A/C series, Tianzun. This prodigious product has broken the highest price, fastest-selling and biggest-selling record of on-line sales with trading volume exceeding 1228 unit per day which is bigger than one and half year’s total sale volume of all e-commerce.

What kind of product it is to create such amazing sale performance.

Tianzun A/C open up an intelligent era for traditional cooling or heating devices. The new smart air quality manager at home could automatically adjust its operational model based on ambient environment. The WIFI connect technology and small particle filter function address end user’s practical needs. The unprecedented air wind tunnel design disrupts the traditional air supply method and free end user’s mind from air conditioning disease.

The outstanding performance of Tianzun A/C root in its unique development team.

The flashy appearance, remarkable performance and distinctive physical design of Tianzun originate in coordination of first-class resource integrated by Haier HOPE海尔创新交互平台 platform. Carrying idea and suggestion from online interaction with 670,000 end user on disadvantage of traditional air conditioner including appearance, controller, operational model, energy consumption, the multinational R&D team inter connected through HOPE海尔创新交互平台 platform successful carry out the intelligent and humanized design concept.

The R&D model of Haier Tianzun A/C maximizes value of end user and benefit of resources.

The success collaboration between Shenzhen Institute for Innovative Design (SIID) and Haier Group not only create fresh user experience for consumer but also grant priority cooperation membership and plentiful income for SIID. Meanwhile SIID become the most popular R&D team of 2013 China Hi-Tech Fair.

“Collaboration with Haier A/C department is challenging but full of joy. Through teamwork, we successfully achieve a disruptive technology innovation, since the air conditioning was born a hundred years ago. Very exciting! It is approved that Haier is the world No.1 white goods brand with extraordinary creative ability! The successful collaboration between Haier and SIID through HOPE海尔创新交互平台 platform is the most important milestone of us. It demonstrates the world-class engineering ability of SIID and proves that innovation could bring new opportunity for traditional industry. We believe it is only a beginning of our collaboration, we are willing to practice with Haier Group on the road of Innovative Design achieves made in China. ”

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