Amazon’s best-seller in the west: take Haier’s open innovation as a typical case!

In the era of digital economy, people, products, companies and markets are closely linked. High levels of interconnection and interoperability bring new challenges to enterprise innovation.
After a long period of evolution, China’s enterprises have already had their own innovation systems. Their innovative practices not only attracted the attention of the West, but also became the object of their study and research.

A few days ago, on amazon’s bestseller “Future legends: business in hyper-dynamic markets (hereinafter referred to as” Future legends “), we found that Chinese enterprises open innovation model – HOPE, Haier open innovation platform.
Once this book was published, it received numerous praises, and it rushed into the top 100 of the Amazon’s best-selling books, making it a must-read for corporate transformation in the digital age.
The “Future Business Legend” provides analysis and answers to how the digital age enterprise develops into a networked and innovative platform in a highly readable format. Haier, as a model born in the non-digital era, has successfully transformed itself into an Internet company. Become a major highlight of the industry case study section of the book.
In the book, the author conducts a detailed analysis of Haier’s four corporate transformations and affirms its practice in the field of open innovation.
This article describes Haier transformed the company’s internal R&D center into an open innovation platform, which greatly simplifies knowledge exchange and incorporates experts into the expanding community to support cross-sectoral innovation. The expertise needed for innovation is provided by individuals, academic institutions, and foreign companies.

As the only Chinese enterprise innovation case selected in this book, Haier’s practice in the field of open innovation has not only brought Haier a steady stream of creative ideas, but also made it a model for global corporate innovation in the eyes of Western scholars.
Haier’s successful exploration also means that Chinese companies’ innovation experience has been exported to provide a reference for global enterprise innovation in the digital age.


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