[Solution wanted] Find a solution for low-voltage preservation of fruits and vegetables

Looking for a technical solution that can extend the freshness date of fruits and vegetables through decompression
The decompression needs to reduce the air pressure. The partial pressure of the various air components is reduced accordingly, but the relative proportions of the air components are not changed, so the absolute content is decreased and thus play a similar role of the atmosphere storage. Decompression treatment can promote the outward diffusion of gas components in plant tissues and can also prevent ripening and aging of fruits and vegetables.
This demand seeks to extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables through decompression. Its specific technical solutions can be miniaturized and applied to the technical solutions carried on ice-cooled products.
1. Technical solution for maintaining a chamber (approximately 20L) in a negative pressure state (10-80mmHg), which can be carried in a common cold room (room temperature can be controlled at 2-14°C).Control room humidity keep at 80%-85%, with storage of fruits and vegetables (can be a specific type or types) extending the shelf life at least 2 times;
2. Service life: 10 years;
3. Cost: <100 yuan; The above parameters are just for reference. As long as they can effectively extend the preservation period of fruits and vegetables, different technical principles and other factors can be evaluated according to actual technical parameters. III. Direction: 1、Continuous air extraction or timing air extraction; 2、the combination of wet control and vacuum IV. Uninterested direction: The need for consumables or the need to replace the parts of the direction.


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