[Solution wanted] Find a technical solution for air-permeable drying technology (blocking liquid and vaporous water molecules)

To find a technical solution with air-permeability of not less than 350-1600ml/min and water resisting (liquid water, water molecules, water vapor molecules)
I. Background:
Find technical solutions for airtight and water resisting (liquid water, water molecules, and water vapor molecules)
II. Parameters:
1. Equipped with a volume of 321L products.
2. The external temperature of the test container is 32°C, 80% RH.
3. The internal temperature of product is set at -18 °C with temperature fluctuations ± 2.5 °C.
4. The technical module is required to achieve a pressure difference of 20~100Pa and the air permeability is 350-1600ml/min.
5. Technical module requirements: breathable waterproof (liquid water, water molecules, water vapor molecules).
6. It is required to reduce the moisture content of the air entering the outside by about 70% under the above-mentioned air permeability.
III. Direction:
Membrane technology, new materials, electronics, catalytic materials, etc.
IV. Uninterested direction:
Try not to use adsorptive water blocking solutions that need to be replaced repeatedly.


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