Hope Innovation Tour 【Shenzhen】—Building a win-win ecology crossing 2,000 kilometers!

On June 20, HOPE innovation tour – Shenzhen station officially launched.

  • This innovation trip of Haier will last three days, and respectively visit Shenzhen design innovation research institute, advanced school of design innovation research institute of Chinese academy of sciences, new material online and Johnson electrical machinery, and other scientific research institutions and enterprises. They will carry out the zero distance interaction, comprehensive innovation resources docking with the local enterprises on the theme of “Shenzhen local high and new technology application in the field of home appliance”.
  • Haier’s trip is different from the traditional resources docking, and the innovation is no longer a simple technology transfer. It will create technology based on supply and demand of both sides understand. It also means that Haier will bring more sparks with Shenzhen local innovation resources in the future!

Under the concept of open innovation, Haier will interact and dock first-class resources beyond of enterprises, which not only overturn the traditional enterprise an one-way relationship with resources, but also set up a create win-win innovation ecosystem.



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