The Semi-annual Community Meetup of Haier HOPE innovation partners in 2018 were held to talk about the future of innovation ecology

On July 27, the semi-annual community meetup of 2018 innovation partners, held by HOPE open innovation platform, was held in the corner of Haier Iceberg. With the theme of “Make innovation happen”, the conference invited dozens of science and technology innovation enterprises, technology research and development institutions, investment incubation platforms, technical experts and product innovation teams to participate in exploring innovation models under the open community model. Two new community mechanisms have been announced, which aim to form a community-oriented innovation ecosystem through the upgrading of community functions and the external expansion of needs, so as to enable innovative partners in all fields to create a win-win situation.


Innovation partner scale expansion

  • The scale of innovation partners continued to expand, and the core users of the community, certified technology partners, and users of interest all achieved substantial growth, with the number of experts exceeding 10,000.
  • Since its launch, the Innovation Partner Program has received feedback from technicians and companies from around the world. Many successful cases have showed the promotion of the innovation partner model for technological innovation in various fields.


Taking the world’s only oxygen-control technology (MSA) refrigerator as an example, in order to meet the higher needs of users for preservation, the technical requirements are released to the innovation partners. In the community, we realize the zero-distance connection between demand and resources. The technology exploration was completed, and the innovations were applied to the Casarte F+ refrigerator to bring “cell-level” preservation technology to the global users, which greatly extended the freshness preservation cycle.


Partners talk about innovation and development

At the conference, innovative consultants, HOPE community innovation ambassadors Mr. Zhang Zhengming and Mr. Chai Jianfeng shared the designing thinking and ecological innovation of innovative methods.

After listening to the wonderful speeches of the community partners, the guests attended the roundtable discussion on innovation challenges, mainly focusing on issues such as “innovation is easy to be copied”, “data is inaccurate” and “interdisciplinary cooperation is difficult”. At the same time, other innovative partners have also given rational proposals, pointing out new directions for technological innovation.


HOPE community added new gameplay

In order to further stimulate the community effect of innovative partners, HOPE’s open innovation platform is also seeking change. In the future, through the two new mechanisms of expert consulting business and influence points, the value and efficiency of the innovative partner community will be better reflected.

Expert consulting business will make the personal value of the experts more effective through expert interviews, virtual research groups, and special exchange meetings. At the same time, the experts’ resources will be fully mobilized to help enterprises quickly find solutions to cross-domain technical problems. The method helps to explore the direction of research and development of new products.

In the influence credit system, the platform will calculate its contribution to the platform based on the expert’s platform behavior: experts submit clues or plans for project topics published on the HOPE platform, and invite other experts to join the HOPE partner community. Behaviors help to increase their influence points. In addition to reflecting the contribution of experts, expert influence points can also be used for redemption of publishing needs, interviews, corporate matchmaking meetings, technical seminars, and innovative tours.

Participants from the HOPE Innovation Partners community gave high recognition to the “Innovation Partner” model. They believe that such a form can help to achieve innovative resource matching quickly and accurately, and greatly promote the transformation of ideas and product solutions, shortening the cycle of product incubation.

Under the innovative concept of “The World is my R&D Department”, the HOPE Innovation Partner Community will continue to introduce more experts and innovators in the field to build and improve the innovation ecosystem of “sharing and win-win”.



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