Semi-annual inventory | Haier’s 10 major technological innovation activities:

  1. Haier Silicon Valley Innovation Center was established

Haier silicon valley innovation center (SVIC) was officially unveiled on January 12 in redwood, California. As an important part of global innovation resources, the establishment of SVIC can better help Haier to connect with local first-class innovation resources in the United States, rapidly improve the breadth and depth of innovation, further improve Haier’s existing research and development system, and accelerate technological disruption and product iteration.


  1. Seized 3 Shandong Patent Awards

In February, Shandong intellectual property office issued the second patent prize award list. Haier shortlisted for the review of ” The burner of gas water heater with blue flame ” won the first prize, “A kind of frequency conversion compressor full frequency constant torque control system and method ” won the second prize, “Load distribution system and method for central air conditioning with maglev multihead” won the third prize, become the biggest winner of home appliances industry.


  1. Approved by the state key research and development program

In February, the ministry of science and technology released the results of the 2017 project of the national key research and development program “modern service sector”. The “value chain collaborative business technology resources and service integration technology” project undertaken by Qingdao Haier science & technology Co., LTD won the national project approval support.


  1. Hand-in-hand SoftBank Robot enters service robot field

On March 6, on the eve of AWE, Haier was held the Haier intelligent home – service robot strategy conference in Shanghai on the theme of “make the home more perfect”, and released “Haier smart home – service robot strategy1.0”. Haier become the first to put forward service robots from single function and single scene to upgrade of the whole scene, and formally entered service robotics.

Haier has also entered into a strategic partnership with Softbank robotics, and the two companies will join forces from the humanoid robot “Pepper” of Softbank robotics to be the first to land in smart stores and smart homes.


  1. Exclusively release the full scene customized smart package

On March 6, on the eve of AWE, Haier held smart family strategy release and achievement sharing session 2018 in Shanghai, and exclusive release “4+7+N” complete set of customized wisdom plan. While crossing the four thresholds of “difficult interconnection, non-initiative, non-package and service fragmentation” in the industry, the “entrance competition” mode still in progress will be completely ended. As the only enterprise in the industry with complete set of landing solutions, Haier has once again achieved the “overtaking through changing lane ” in the era of Internet of things.


  1. Qingdao Smart Life Technology Innovation Center unveiled

April 17, 2018 Qingdao smart life science and technology innovation center opening ceremony and innovation results release conference in Qingdao grandly held. As the leading unit, Haier’s innovation center aims to integrate domestic and foreign high-quality resources related to intelligent life, build intelligent life technology and industrial innovation ecology, create a world-leading smart life science and technology innovation center, and help Qingdao realize the transformation of old and new impetus.


  1. Signed a strategic cooperation agreement with IEEE

On May 10, Haier and the institute of electrical and electronics engineers (IEEE) formally signed the strategic cooperation agreement. In the future, the two parties will cooperate on standards opening and technical resources, accelerate the convergence of global resources and technology marketization, and jointly build the smart home technology and industrial innovation ecology.


  1. Awarded ” excellent national key laboratory “

On June 4, the ministry of science and technology of the People’s Republic of China officially released the evaluation results of the state key laboratories of enterprises: 25 national key laboratories were rated excellence, and 62 national key laboratories were rated good. Among them, Haier digital home appliances national key laboratory was rated as “excellent national key laboratory”, and became the only outstanding enterprise in the home appliance industry.

  1. Core IEEE members led the completion of the world’s first AI white paper

On June 20, the international electro technical commission market strategy bureau (hereinafter referred to as IEC/MSB) international standards annual meeting was held in Arlington, the United States. Haier, as the only representative of IEC/MSB home appliance industry, gave a keynote speech and submitted a project report on the world’s first artificial intelligence (AI) white paper led by it. In the end, the submitted draft of AI white paper passed the IEC review and won high recognition from the IEC management and MSB committee.


  1. Leading two international standards through IEEE

In July, two international standards, “Standard for Architectural framework and General Requirements for Smart Home System ” and “Standard for General Requirements and Interoperability for Internet of Clothing” led by Haier, were officially approved and approved by the institute of electrical and electronics engineers (IEEE).As the first batch of standard projects successfully established after Haier and IEEE signed the strategic cooperation agreement, this marks that Haier’s innovative practice in the field of smart home has been recognized by the authoritative international standards organization, and continuously releases the international influence of Chinese enterprises.


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