Haier Silicon Valley Innovation Center (SVIC)

The Haier Silicon Valley Innovation Center (SVIC) is the North American branch of Haier Advanced Innovation Center, and is chartered with seeking out partners and solutions that can address the technology and performance challenges across Haier and Haier Brands. SVIC is the Corporate Development office in North America for strategic technologies for Haier Corporation.

Strategic Technologies

Haier is the world's largest appliance manufacturer, and competes at the consumer and light commercial levels globally. As such, we are constantly seeking out new inventions and discoveries, and novel solutions in adjacent markets that can directly translate to consumer features and benefits. SVIC acts as the single point of contact for these engagements, from discovery and vetting, through technical and business evaluations, and proof-of-concept evaluations and projects. 

HOPE Ecosystem of Industry Experts

The Haier Open Partnership Ecosystem (HOPE) is Haier's way of building a broad and open framework for collaboration, technology challenges, and direct engagement back into Haier. All are encouraged to join and become part of the Haier expert network!

Discovery Brochures

Haier SVIC performs ongoing scans and research into companies that have technologies that may be of interest to Haier’s business and product lines. While much of our work is driven by specific requests for technologies by the product lines, we also come across companies with no clear immediate fit but that may be of interest to other groups, either now or in the future. These companies are collected into ‘Discovery Brochures’ and distributed to the broader Haier innovation community, from time to time.

Innovation Landscape Reports

SVIC issues industry reports on a regular basis that focus on specific technology areas to summarize approaches and example companies in the North American region. It is meant as a background to the technology, to inform the reader on the different solutions that are out there and relative strengths and weaknesses, features and benefits.

Download the Haier SVIC Fact Sheet.