Established in August 2017, Haier Israel Innovation Center (HIIC) functions as the front technology and innovation office of Haier, the world leading home appliances provider from China.

HIIC aims to assist Haier and its subsidiaries in finding cutting-edge technologies from Israel, as well as catalyzing technical and business discussions between Haier and Israeli startups.

HIIC is offering rich technology expertise, business background, profound contacts and professional capabilities. All of these enable HIIC to go beyond opportunities and bring Haier’s global position to a new high.

It is positioned as Israel’s resource integration center to meet the R&D demands of the industry through the following ways:

  • Look for matching technology in Israel according to the specific demands of industrial R&D
  • Take the initiative to identify related and inter-disciplinary innovations based on the technology areas and directions that the industry is concerned about
  • Hold regular matchmaking conferences in Qingdao and Israel to provide more in-depth access to Israeli technology
  • Monitor Israeli innovation and technology trends and export technical intelligence on a regular basis
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