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We help you identify growth opportunities, assess strategic options, define your optimal future, and clearly lay out the path forward.

Scouting Innovation Resources

We build a strong globalized system of resource integration for the enterprise to get innovation resources efficiently.

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We help company to develop the talent, culture, and systems to make innovation repeatable and reliable.



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Master’s view on HOPE

"No company is promoting management innovations on such a large scale and in a systematic manner like Haier"
World's leading expert on business strategy
--Gary Hamel
“Haier has made some innovations in management that have gone beyond western theories”
Professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
Marshall W Meyer
"Haier HOPE is a innovation platform open to both internal and external stakeholders, we could build diverse partnership to solve diverse innovation challenge "
Author of "Big Bang Disruption"
Larry Downes
"As users’ are raising more and more requirements for the speed and personalization of new products, we hope to build a innovation union led by HOPE in the future to attract companies and individuals in various fields.”
CTO of Dow Chemistry, APAC
Yao Weiguang
“For Haier, developing smart appliances is a golden opportunity. It’s a relationship technology as I call it which can nurture an interactive relationship between Haier and users. The power of a product will be bigger if it could interact with more users. Haier’s strategy is very perspective.”
Internet observer and prophet, author of Out of Control
Kevin Kelly
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