HOPE Innovation Tour— Israel Station: Integrate local “black technology” with Haier product innovation!

In order to better connect with the innovative resources of Israel and accelerate the comprehensive implementation of Haier’s smart home strategy, Haier Open Innovation Platform, HOPE, organized kitchen appliance and household air conditioner industry-related R&D personnel to visit the Israel Innovation Center from July 1st to 4th. A number of local enterprises have conducted zero-distance interaction and comprehensive information sharing.

Israel’s innovation achievements in the high-tech field are the most praised in the world, which is known as “innovation country”. The establishment of the Haier Israel Innovation Center will bring the local and global first-class technical resources into the Haier open ecosystem and continue to export the latest technological solutions.


It is reported that during the event, the Israel Innovation Center has integrated 16 local high-quality innovation resources to participate in this resource sharing activity.


The addition of Israel’s top technical resources also made this matchmaking activity very active. At the sharing meeting, the two sides conducted face-to-face communication on relevant technical directions and generated numerous creative sparks.

After a four-day multinational resource sharing event, Haier and Israel’s local innovation resources reached a number of cooperation intentions, and the two sides also developed a short, medium and long-term technology roadmap based on technical needs.

This is inseparable from the two innovative services of highly customized resource docking and full-process business cooperation provided by the HOPE platform.

Under the concept of open innovation, Haier’s open innovation platform HOPE actively innovates service content, which not only brings a continuous stream of innovative resources to Haier’s internal industry, but also improves the efficiency of technology docking. It also builds a technical resource docking platform for external enterprises. Haier’s innovative ecosystem has created a win-win situation for all kinds of resources!


From Qingdao to Israel, HOPE’s innovative journey continues. If you also need innovative services in related areas, you are welcome to come to the HOPE platform.



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